Frequently Asked Question
1.Why choose us?
  • Factory direct supply! Competitive price!
  • Lnxwo brand with our own patent. Import raw material.
  • More than 16 years manufacturing experience and millions of loyal customers.
  • Fast delivery, plenty in stock.
  • One-stop inkjet ink solution provider, include: OEM/ODM service.
2. How to add ink into the cartridge?

 The following image demonstrate how to add ink cartridge.




3. How to storage LNXWO Solvent-based Ink? 
  • The solvent-based Ink need to be kept away from high temperatures, naked flames and sources of ignition.
  • Bottled ink should always be kept sealed when not in use and be stored away from direct sunlight.
  • Operation Temperature:19-25℃
  • Please consult with our techinical staff on specific cases.
  • Keep the ink out of reach of the children.
  • Seal the ink bottle cap securely and store it upright for later use
    4. Notes for CISS Installation

    Step 01:Test the printer: testing the mechanical properties of the printer, check the lubricate
    A.Check-up the nozzle; take an A4 paper, print the nozzle test line, see the nozzle is normal or not. If not normal run,please do 2 to 3 times washing, and then check again
    Action: Start → Settings → select the printer or fax machine to test the printer→ click the right key of the choose printer→ print the initial page→maintenance→ nozzle check
    B. Under normal nozzle, select a colorful picture, with special printing paper for printing View →play small stripes → print nozzle checking→normal→ the quality print head nozzle decline.   small stripes →print nozzle checking→ abnormal → test after the normal cleaning
    Step 02:CISS installation:
    a.According to Installation instructions , check the parts whether all complete with
    b.Check whether the ciss is leaking,the connection of pipeline whether broken off before installation.
    c.Read through the Installation instructions before you get started it. 
    d.check the length of pipeline after installation ,make the cartridge car moving to the left, far right, view the pipeline is in the best site ( should be powered off when moving the cartridge car) Pipeline is too long, the printer in the print process, will be audible. Pipeline is too short, the printer will get an error when running
    e. Check whether the small holes in external cartridge is open (replaced the filter after open the hole, to prevent dust falling into the ink)
    Forget to open small holes → ink can not  flow into the built-in cartridge from external tank→Negative pressure within the nozzle → print very vague or blank
    g. Ensure that the external ink cartridges and printer at the same level, not too high or too low. Can not raise or move the external tank in using the external tank too high →the pressure of the exteral tank is large than the inner cartridge. the ink from external tank will push down into inner cartrige.
    The external cartridge too low→internal cartridge ink in short supply→color printing is lighter

    5. How to remove the air in cartridge?

    1. During the printing, the ink level in the CISS inktank is lower than the warning level because of the forgot to add the ink into inktank. The pipeline to supply the ink to cartridges becomes empty, with no inkk, the printed pictures have one color printing line stop. After the head cleaning, the prining test show one color have no ink at all.
    2.The tube bend on the cartridges is not sealed well, one whole pipeline is full of air, the printing result is still blank after changed the color. (the cartridges is empty after the inspection)
    3. The cartridges have the air, need to do the head cleaning before the production. When the test is normal,and the printing line stop again after prined a few pages.
    All the up conditions are because of the cartridges lack of ink and the ink foaming. During the daily usage of CISS, the foam from the ink and the air comed through the printer head can make the ink foaming or printing blank by operation mistake. You just need to pull out the air and the foam according to the following instructions.
    1.  Remove the CISS from the printer. Press the cartridges exchange button, then the cartridges car will move to the cartridges changing position, get out the cartridges, let the cartridges outlet to be upside. (Remarks: the cartridges position should be higher than the CISS inktank, should not be lower than inktank, especially for the sponge cartridges with no chips or the Canon cartridges)
    2.Take out the small syringe( without the needle) from the CISS accessories, to insert the syringe into the outlet of the cartridges, let the syringe a little slant, start to suck the ink out, then the ink will flow from the inktank into the cartridges, finally into the syringe. Chen the ink in the syringe, and it is ok until the ink not include the air. Open the inktank plug,and push the ink into inktank from the syringe,so that it will not waste the ink. The whole process need around 100ml, and the process can be paused, shoud not be too fast.
    3. Intall the CISS back to the printers, can do the printing normally after has done the head cleaning test.

  • DO not mixed different types and models of ink at the same time


    Failure Symptom
    1. When printing the color pictures, prined pictures just have the black colors. 
    2. When printing the color pictures, printing result deviation is big compared with original pictures or terriblely distortion.
    1)  Check your printer setting whether you have selected the Black/White choice. Take the Epson R230 as the examples, Start→setting→printer or fax→select printing→click right mouse→select printer first choice→click printer high grade setting→cancle the gray choice.
    2)  After confirm the setting is no problem, do the nozzles test printing, check the printed tested line,. If the line is stopped,please do the head cleaning three times, then test the nozzles again.
    3)  If the nozzle test is normal,please print the color chips test pictures, compared with the normal color chips, check weather the color cartridges sequence is correct when do the installation, you can also use the long needles to get some ink out from the cartridges, to test that on the paper, to confirm the color cartridges sequence. If the color sequence has a problem, then get out the CISS, clean it completely, change the ink and cartridges.