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Lnxwo solvent ink for Polaris 15/35pl 1L
Lnxwo solvent ink for Polaris 15/35pl 1L
Size: 5L¡¢1 Liter
Bottle Type: Square Bottle¡¢Round Bottle¡¢Barrel¡¢Bag Package¡¢Customized
Product Info
Product Description
Solvent Ink for Polaris Printhead
IMG_2124 15PL
  • LNXWO Solvent-based Inks are designed for all inkjet printers equipped with Spectra Polaris™, Konica Minolta™, Seiko™, Starfire™ and Xaar™ printheads, and they are perfectly compatible with those printheads specifications chemically and physically. The pigment used in the ink is dispersed in organic solvent, and thus the ink is quick drying due to the voilatility of the solvent. All solvent inks are precisely formulated to match the OEM specifications.  
Mild Solvent Ink Application
LNXWO solvent ink is mainly used in outdoor media/AD material like Vinyl, Diaphanous cloths, Lightbox, Billboard etc. And it can also be used in indoor media/AD material like Self adhensive PP pager, High glossy paper/RC photo paper, backlit PET film, Frontlit PET film etc.
LNXWO Mild Solvent Ink Parameter




Cyan, magenta, black, lemon yellow, golden yellow, light magenta, light cyan


Environment-Friendly Esters




1 Liter ink bottle/5 Liter barrel

Shelf Life

12 months

Outdoor Life

1.5-2 years

Payment Term

T/T, Western Uion, Paypal, L/C, Money Gram

Suitable Printer

For all printers with  Polaris™, Konica Minolta™, Seiko™,Starfire™ and Xaar™  printhead

Packing Options

1 Liter ink bottle/ 5 Liter barrel

*Specifications and product are subject to change without prior notification.


LW-PO512 Mild Solvent Ink

|Compatible with Polaris™ 15/35 Picoliter printhead  (High Performance Solvent Ink)

LW-PO512 series mild solvent are specially design for all Gongzheng, Flora, Zhongye roll-to- roll grand format printers that installed with Spectra Polaris™ 15/35PL industrial printheads. This mild solvent ink has featured extreme outdoor durability and rub-fastness. Highest quality pigments and resins give vibrancy and color intensity when printed.



Compatible Printhead


LW-PO512 15

Spectra Polaris™ 15PL


LW-PO512 35

Spectra Polaris™ 35PL



  1. High outdoor weatherability, over 18 months outdoor life discolor.
  2. Suitable for ordinary outdoor advertisement and publicity posters etc.
  3. Better spray performance, can do high frequency and high speed printing.
  4. Low odor, wide color gamut and color saturation.
  5. Environment friendly formula, non-toxic, green and safe.
  6. Fully compatible with OEM ink.
LNXWO Mild Solvent Ink Compatibility List

We have inks for following printheads, there are different kinds of solvent inks.

Product Code                                Compatibility   

  • LW-PO512 15                                              For Polaris 15PL

  • LW-PO512 35                                              For Polaris 35PL

  • LW-SKM 512i                                               For Konica Minolta 512i 30PL

  • LW-SSK 510/1020                                      For Seiko 255/510/512/1020(35PL/50PL)

  • LW-STAR 1024                                            For Starfire 1024 25PL

  • LW-SKM 512                                                For Konica Minolta 512/1024(14PL/35PL/42PL)

  • LW-XA 382/500                                            For Xaar 382 35/60PL and for Xaar 500 40.80PL

  • LW-XA 126/128                                            For Xaar 126 35/50/80PL and Xaar 128 40/80PL

  • LW-SOL CS                                                  Cleaning Solution For all above printheads

Tips about using solvent ink
  1. Protect from light, Shake before use, Keep away from heat and flame.
  2. The printing temperature is 19-25¡æ, and the storage temperature is 15-30¡æ.
  3. Store in cool and dry place, avoid freezing, and keep away from direct sunlight.
  4. Don¡¯t mix with other kind of ink when use.
  5. Please use all the ink in one year after you opened the bottles.
Company Information
16 years Inkjet ink manufacturer

Shenzhen NXY Tech Co., Limited is a professional inkjet printing ink manufacturer that is engaged in R&D Center, production and marketing with more than 16 years experience in the wide format, industrial and household inkjet inks market. We manufactures the most comprehensive selection of UV Curable, Textile Sublimation, Direct to Garment, Mild Solvent, Eco Solvent, Art Paper, LFP Pigment & water based Piezoelectronic inks. LNXWO global activity encompasses over 120 countries and areas since 2001.

About us+R&D center


Packaging & Shipping



Solvent Ink Package Information


1 Liter Square Bottle    

1 Liter Square Bottle    

5 Liter Barrel





Carton Size




  1. Each bottle seals with plastic pack to keep clean;
  2. Internal parition seperates each bottle into small square space to maintain stable;
  3. Strict packaging requirements, standard reach to level 5 
Why Choose Us
  1. Factory direct supply! Competitive price with compatible solvent ink.
  2. We have more than 16 years on professional manufacturing experience and millions of loyal customers.
  3. One-stop Inkjet ink solution provider include: OEM/ODM service

Our products can be fully customized based upon client¡¯s requirements. For example, we can adjust the ink¡¯s concentration, color, and optimize for different temperature and humidity. Which means, all our inks can be configured as customized packages.


1. Which type of printer does your ink work for?
 Our Solvent ink suitable for printers with Polaris 15pL/35pL, Konica Minolta 512i/512, Seiko 255/510/512/1020(35pl/50pl), Starfire 1024 25pl and Xaar 382 proton printhead.

2. How can you guarantee your goods quality?

As a trusted ink manufacturer in this field, our offered ink is throughly tested at each step, we have ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certification.

3. What colors does solvent ink have?

There are Cyan, Magenta, Black, Light cyan, Light magenta. And,

for solvent ink, we also have Lemon yellow and Golden yellow for option.

4. Which package do you have?

We have packages in 1 Liter ink bottle, 5 Liter barrel

5. Why choose our solvent ink?

1. Color and density consistency between different batches

2. Good outdoor durability

3. Vibrant, brilliant colors, Excellent color gamut

4. No clogged nozzles thus ensuring excellent print quality on a wide range of vinyl and paper substrates

5. More than 18 months shelf time and less wear on the print heads

6. Factory direct, Competitive price.

Product Brand
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